"Try So Hard" - original song

It's another 'premiere'! This is a song from 1996 I've never recorded to my satisfaction before, possibly due to over-arranging. So this version is just acoustic guitar backed by some delicate 12-string guitar with a few keyboard bits sparingly thrown in.

It's another song about relationship struggles... each chorus is soaked with clear and honest feelings - 'I don't want to lose you/tell me I'm the only one/I will never leave you'. Meanwhile, the verses are less certain - 'if we can get along/saying things that I don't mean/trying not to let it show' and the middle section refers to 'feelings locked away' and admits that it's 'time to change'. How often have you been guilty of ducking and diving to avoid vulnerability?

For any guitar enthusiasts (others advised to click away - nothing to see here)...

You'll see I used a capo at the 3rd fret on my 6-string guitar but the 12-string is played open. I puzzle over such anomalies myself sometimes, so I will explain (if only for my own benefit when I watch the video at a later date).

The 12-string had just been serviced and I was advised to minimise the excessive pressure of 12 strings on the body (which causes the bridge to lift and therefore raises the action) by keeping it tuned down a tone and use a capo at fret 2 to bring it back to normal tuning.

So in the song, my capo 3 6-string guitar is playing a D chord which makes it an F, while my de-tuned 12-string is playing a G chord which is also an F. And so on - the transposing process involved figuring out the 'real' chord from the capo 3 position and then raising it a tone to compensate for the de-tuned 12-string.

The open de-tuned 12-string sounds a little too deep really, but against the capo 3 6-string provides a bit of balance perhaps.

If you're not a guitar enthusiast and you just read all of that, you really have no one to blame but yourself. 😂

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