Songs To Somebody

Not much of a concept for this one - these are all songs written to somebody, and there are no rewards for guessing who.

Lying To Yourself is definitely a song to somebody, but who? I know who I was thinking about when I wrote it, but often feel I unwittingly made a larger statement. If directed at a specific person, parts of this song (including the title) could be taken as spiteful or even patronising, like "he may not be the right one, but at least you've got someone". But overall I think there's some accidental wisdom in this song, reminding the subject that no progress (in life or love) is made by standing still, and mistakes are just bumps in the road.

Way To Love is a song I've loved from its first inception for its down-to-earth verses and anthemic choruses, and loved even more when the wonderful annaJo agreed to provide me with some vocal support. She's released some great music of her own which you can find on Bandcamp and YouTube. Check out Held on her Jackpot EP - one commenter on the YouTube version of that song thought strings would be a good idea...

Dust is another favourite of mine. The instrumental section in the middle is something I'd had hanging around separately for years which slotted perfectly into the song.

Call Me Someday is a simple song I've redone on YouTube more recently.

All Alone was conceived on my grandfather's old piano, which came to my parents' house when he bought a new one in my teenage years. I was influenced partly by Company, an amazing Rickie Lee Jones song. My arrangement here is a further nod to that song, although I've come nowhere near its brilliance.

How Can You Love? is a song of great pain, luckily not mine. It should really have been called "Now You Know" but I went for the more poignant line. Lots of depressing sentiments, like "This world will only make you cry."

Boy Becomes Man is another favourite because of my success with the piano part plus the solo (flute sounds) and arrangement in general. I think of this song as my Lonely Boy (Andrew Gold fans will understand) so make of that what you will.

Tracks 10-13 fit together as a set. It's two full songs with two mini songs around them. The Rules is written in the first person about a man who changes the rules to suit himself, while Pity The Fool is in the third person, about a man who is, well, a bit of a fool. The Rules has a lighter arrangement that really suits the song, while Pity The Fool has a heavier arrangement with more piano work, building up to a dense ending. The mini songs are both little rockers, throwaway but great fun too!

Can I See You Again? is a folk-style song where I manage a nice interaction between two acoustic guitars, while The Kiss Of Love is a ballad with a light keyboard and electric guitar arrangement that's quite powerful. The Better Side is not a great song but I pepped it up with the arrangement, and I do like lines like "staring at the phone for no reason" and "now and then I loved someone but no one ever knew". And of course, the album ends with the quintessential 'song to somebody', My Wedding Vow To You.

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