Hopeful/Mixed Emotions

My first 'album' was a double album! I'd built up a lot of recorded material that I deemed fit for human consumption and this was the result. I put these songs on Bandcamp as two separate albums.


Every song on this album is 'hopeful'. The songs were written between 1986 (Sweet September Morning) and 2001 (Young Girl).

There are a few lowlights on this album but generally, I'm very proud of what I produced here - the backwards vocal on Love Lights, the arrangement (if not the key) of Soul Mate, the guitar solo on Got To Believe.

Mixed Emotions

As you might guess, each song here has a different emotion attached, although I had to make some up: while Forever was hurtful, and Jenny (I Killed Your Brother) was unlawful (a completely fictional song, I assure you), for the bluesy-rock of Love On Her Doorstep I chose the dubious emotion of stereoful. It was all a bit of a stretch, but I made myself chuckle (if no one else).

The songs were written between 1989 (Alone Tonight and the Lissa suite) and 1999 (Selfish Little Girl). On that latter song, I felt like I was channelling Gerry Rafferty while briefly borrowing from The Beatles' Day Tripper.

On this collection, I like the simple arrangement of songs like Deep Blue Eyes (plus the fact that I only sing for half of the song) and Things Can Only Get Better (although it's hard on my fingers). Nothing Without You was given the emotion vengeful and I'm really proud of my arrangement. Don't Give Up was written for a friend (friendful) who has since passed away, so will always have special meaning for me (to JLC with love).

Nothing I Can Do is an interesting song - while I felt strongly influenced by James Taylor, it came out with a reggae beat and features a 'steel drum' solo which I love.

Finally, When I Was Young is probably one of the best songs I've ever written, ironically at the ripe young age of 21! It's basically about leaving childhood behind.

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