"Close Our Eyes"

So this is an honest love song - acknowledging that 'love' songs are often just about physical love. The line "I love you for your body, and your mind's okay." always makes me smile.

I like how the clavinet sound complements the acoustic guitar on this version and the original, even when inexpertly played by yours truly. For this recording you'll see/hear I did the solo on my 12-string guitar, but on the original I think it was two guitars playing the solo (and I don't know why I did that - maybe the 12-string was on the naughty step...). Possibly my favourite part of this song is the backing vocals at the end.

Also I've never thought of myself as an expressive bass player, but in this video I am verging on animated. Not quite the Paul McCartney head-bob. Too much face in this one overall!

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