"Caroline" - original song

I had a great concept for the video for this song, but sadly my 'between the lyrics' cards are mostly illegible. If you get close to the screen and squint a bit you can read some of them, or just take my word that they are quite amusing.

This is a song I wrote in 1992. There's probably an original recording on tape made at that time. It's a simple song and doesn't have a message (there wasn't even a Caroline) but it's a nice little song to play and sing.

I don't recall the writing being influenced by Roy Orbison's 1988 hit "You Got It" but on recording this version I decided a bit of timpani would sound good, so that's a slight nod to Roy (and his co-writers Jeff Lynne and Tom Petty). I also decided some pizzicato strings would sound good at the end.

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