Time for "Another Christmas Song"

So this is Christmas, and what have I done? This is what you get when you spend 10 hours writing and recording a song and 3 hours making a video.

Audio available on Bandcamp.

Merry Christmas.

Lyrics (everybody sing along):

Everybody starts to smile

At this time of year

Pack away your troubles and

Put on your Christmas gear

Deck the halls with glitter balls

Wear a silly hat

Presents underneath the tree

They are all for me me me!

Christmas is a time for joy

Fun for every man and boy

I might get some nice new toys

I can almost hear the noise

It's another Christmas song

Hear the bells go ding ding dong

Everybody sing along

To this Christmas song

No more work and no more school

For a week or two

Watch TV and drink some booze

Maybe have a little snooze

If it was Christmas every day

I would play and play

I would eat up everything

And put my homework in the bin

Christmas dinner is so yum

Everything is made by mum

Soon you'll have a big fat tum

I just get a smelly bum

It's a rubbish Christmas song

It won't get to number one

Hear the bells go ding ding dong

In this Christmas song

Jesus born in Bethlehem

Met with three wise men

Gifts they brought were not so great

They must have done their shopping late

Santa Claus will soon be here

Carrying his sack

Bringing presents made by elves

But not if you are over twelve

Let's all sing this Christmas song

It's not really very long

All the bells go ding ding dong

Everybody sing along

Hear the little children sing

Hear the bells go dong dong ding

Nowhere near as good as Bing

It's a Christmas thing

And now the credits...


Song by: me

Music programmed by: me

Vocals by: me

Extra vocals by: ginger kid

Produced by: me


'Mister': me

'Kid': ginger kid

Choreography: me Costume design: me

Buyer of silly hats: me

Video editing: me

Best boy: definitely me

Grip: losing it

Guffer: ginger kid

Director: me

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